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Personal History:

My husband Linden and myself are Married With Dogs!!! No Children except for the four legged variety.

My husband is a Glazier of 20+ years, and I have been and insurance underwriter, caterer, potter, sometime artist, and just an all around meddler in everything. And now I am a dog breeder, and all round loyal lover of our belgian dogs. I have trained some of my dogs in obedience, protection and tracking, and look forward to dabbling in sheepherding in the near future, my hubby is long sufferring and the perfect BBSG ! He hands over his paychecks and I am responsible for spending them, he is also very good in the fetch & carry & fix-it department. A champion of his breed!!!!!!!!!

We have lived all our lives in British Columbia, Canada. And for the last 10 years, have lived in a burg called Maple Ridge on 7.2 acres, just outside of Vancouver B.C.

We have 7 dogs ( 4 girls, 3 boys) , 2 Chinchillas called Baby & Simba, 2 cats called George & Stumpy.

Kennel History:

I first became interested in Belgians through my Aunt and Uncle, Valerie & Allen Johnson, who had a kennel under the Prefix: " Lochview ". I was in my late teens at the time, and told her that if she ever had a black belgian that she needed a home for, she could call me. (VBG!) At the time, she had both blacks and terv`s.

When I was about 23 or so, my husband, who was then just my boyfriend, was out of town working, when I got a call from my Aunt Val, asking if I wanted to adopt a 1 year Belgian Sheepdog (G) that needed a home that she had bred, that was when " Echo " ---"Lochview`s Echo Of Ganymede" came to live with us, and that was when I first met Sheila & Lloyd Rentschler of Ganymede Belgians, who brought her to me.

At that time in my life, all I wanted was my very own Belgian friend, and did not even have the slightest ambition of breeding and showing, Echo lived with us for 11 years , before she went to the Rainbow Bridge, she was our first best friend.

About a year later, I could finally bear the thought of getting another dog, and with the help of Agnes Jeske, she had heard of a breeder on Vancouver Island by the names of Skip & Cindy Ballard, who just so happened, had a 3 month old female left out of a litter. After much talking on phone, and them liking me without meeting me in person, they decided to hold her till I could get over to see her. The minute I walked into their yard, the two of us fell in love with our little Shadow--- "Kazon`s Dreamweaver Shadow". This is when I became interested in showing and working my girl, I entered a few shows at the time, but unfortunately, was too much of a novice, and didn`t understand much of how things worked, and no one was really around at the time to help, so I just sort of drifted out of it. Then about 3 years later we moved to Maple Ridge, and at a dog show in Cloverdale, I met Pauline Kesteven and her boy Scarecrow. Pauline took me under her wing at the time and mentored me , explained about showing and breeding etc, and then I decided to breed Shadow to Scarecrow. Wow! my first litter, and I wanted a boy so bad for myself, but Shadow had other ideas and had a small litter of two girls. One of the girls went to a fine pet home, and the other was sold to Karen Parsons of Quantum Belgians, and became her foundation bitch "Can. Ch Serack`s Artic Raven" who went on to whelp more beautiful belgians, and so on. I continued to breed Shadow twice more to Scarecrow, most of these pups went to pet homes, but one other bitch puppy was bought by Pat James of Maple Ridge, who is known as "Can. Ch Seracks Black Princess Dynasty CD" --Dynah! and she became Pat`s foundation girl. A full litter sister of Dynah`s was sold to a fellow who intended to show her, but got caught up in starting a new business , and after two years, decided, he didn`t have enough time for her, so I got her back, and ended up keeping her myself. Last year I finally got her out into a showring seriously, and in one weekend in Cloverdale, obtained 11 canadian ch. points from Friday to Sunday, and finished her in one go. Her name is Sophie--"Can. Ch. Black Princess Sophie".

Back in 1993, I decided, to look up Sheila & Lloyd Rentschler of Ganymede Belgians, in the hopes that they had a stud male I could breed Shadow to, much to my delight and surprise, they also remembered me, from when they brought my first Belgian to me "Echo" She was delighted to hear that Val Johnson`s niece was now following in her footsteps. I have long admired and loved Ganymede Belgians, and I really wanted to go back into the line again, We met, and the rest is history. We chose a handsome fellow of Sheila`s Called George-- "Ganymede`s Special Edition". Out of George and Shadow, we had 6 pups, 3 males and 3 females. I kept two males and one female out of this litter, (told you I wanted a male)(VBG)! The third male "Revin" went to an agility home, I have recently found out that he is No. 4 in Canada in Flyball, and has his Masters. The two boys I have kept, are Can. Ch. Serack`s Northern Exposure--Hunter, and Can. Ch. Serack`s Evening Shade--Gator, the sister i kept was Serack`s Haida Kwai.--Dixie Lee. Dixie Lee had a litter a little more prematurely than I intended, and I kept a daughter of hers called Serack`s Eclipse of the Heart--- who is just starting into showing. Her mother now lives in graceful retirement with a wonderful couple who love her to pieces. She never did care for the Show Experience, so I decided not to push it, and she was happier herding kids, and cats. Sophie, has recently had a litter with Am. Ch. Horizon`s Back To The Future, and out of that I kept my little token, brown dog, Keira-- Serack`s Spell For Chameleon, who is starting into showing at the end of February of this year.

We lost our Shadow Girl in March of 1996, she went to the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless her Great heart. She has given us much joy in her offspring, and we were blessed to be owned by her, but as I look at her children around us , and see the grandchildren that came after, I see that she is still with us. She did stamp her kids with her great intelligence, heart, spirit and courage. She was the kind of dog that wherever she went, people loved her and wanted to keep her for themselves.(BG)! She fit in anywhere, and adapted to any situation and did everything we asked of her and more. Every once in a while, a truly great dog comes along, and she was one.

Sheila Serack
12723 256th st.
Maple Ridge
V4R 1C2

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